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We believe in wholesome, unique and yummy food. Vegetarian, vegan and meaty food that is good to eat and good for you. We serve only organic, fair trade coffee and source good quality organic and free range produce where we can. We believe you should eat something green with every meal and you should never compromise on the quality of raw ingredients. We believe if you prefer rye or gluten-free bread when you eat out, you should be able to order it. We believe Chai tea should always be made from leaves and that high quality dark chocolate should always be at the bottom of any mocha or hot chocolate that you order.

Breakfast 7am – 2pm & Lunch 7am – 3pm 7 Days

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Enjoy a FREE Sassafras cake for dessert at every function in our backyard in April.

Choose one of our favourites:

Raspberry yoghurt cake
Lemon yoghurt cake
Choc hazelnut cake
Carrot & walnut cake w cream cheese icing
Orange polenta cake
Orange poppy seed cake
Whiskey mocha mud cake
Gluten free white chocolate and raspberry cake
Vegan chocolate & beetroot cake
Rose Bakery’s famous pistachio cake
Passionfruit cheesecake

Each more-ish cake is worth $50 or more and you’ll enjoy one for FREE.

What’s not to love about that?

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